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Noe Valley: Your Own Private Appalachia, $799K

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It's actually sort of adorable, but for $799,000 we may be the only ones to think that. This 1912 1-bed, 1-bath, 0-garage cottage on Douglass Street in Noe Valley hit the market this morning, and while the realtor admits it needs a "LOT" of work, it also has "very original finishes" and "outlooks to a magical garden." What's not to love about that laundry room? We're willing to bet the magical garden is the first thing to go, with "on the market as a lot" instead of the more customary "teardown." Because we all know how tough it is to tear something down here. The lot is 25 X 100 and zoned RH2, which makes us think your architect will have to shoehorn a studio apartment in somewhere in order to get anything past the Planning Department. We're not complaining- that's life in San Francisco- and it will be nice to reap some new taxes here. They're currently at $787 a year. Check out the gallery above, and for more cottage porn, have a look at yesterday's bit of charming.
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