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Mid-Market on Fire: Burning Man Comes to Market & Sixth

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Photo Credit: The David Hewes Building via The Toasted Blog and Whole Wheat Toast/Curbed SF Flickr Pool

This just in from Mayor Lee's press office, where they're still high on Twitter: the Burning Man/Black Rocks Arts Foundation will relocate from Bayview to 995 Market Street at Sixth Street. So they're not moving into the Warfield, but into the David Hewes Building. Lease-signing for 19,000 square feet is imminent, which we're guessing is for floors two and three. As per The Toasted Blog, the Hewes building went up as earthquake-and-fire-proof in 1906 and given new aluminum windows and skin in the sixties. Mr. Hewes was a San Francisco building contractor who got his 15 minutes of fame for providing one of the golden spikes that finished the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, and the building currently houses a number of non-profits like Habit For Humanity. Considering that Black Rock put up our favorite building of 2010, we think that's a good fit.
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