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Oceanfront Bargains: 830 El Camino del Mar Now Almost Half-Price

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Was: $18,000,000
Now $9,900,000
You Saved $8,100,000

It seems like forever, but it's possible 830 El Camino del Mar has only been on (and off, and on, and off) the market since 2008 when the owners were looking for $18,000,000. It just seems like forever. The price has shrunk a bit since then, and yesterday another drop of $90,000 brings it practically with the range of affordable housing. It's got an incredible site. Images of if high above the Golden Gate are part of San Francisco's visual history. Outside, it's got a sleek mid-century look. Inside, well, a bad moment from the 'eighties and a lot of wall-to-wall. It doesn't look like anyone's had a really good time there in a while. On the plus side is the ocean-view kitchen sink. At $9,900,000, it's the most expensive 2-bed, 2/5-bath house in town, although the listing mentions "expansion possibilities." We like the idea of replacing the retractable roof with a heliport. Check out the gallery above and decide if it's time to make it yours.
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