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Presidio Heights: 3362 Jackson, Ready for a Comeback, $10M

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Last Friday a reader emailed bemoaning the state of Presidio Heights. Or more precisely, "why weren't there any houses for sale?" And then, as if a gift from Heaven, into our electronic laps dropped 3362 Jackson Street. It's apparently the only Presidio Heights listing on the MLS. And it's a doozy— referred to in the listing materials as "State of the Sexy." The owner/developer/realtor has even made an enthusiastic short film extolling the house's virtues and the craftsmen who re-worked it. In a nutshell: he took a gloomy Tudor-style house (one of a pair) gutted it, and turned it into the perfect house for today's modern family. For your modern family, 6-beds, 7-baths, 3-car for $10,000,000. We're on the fence about the white and beige facade compared to the original-finish twin next door. The fact that there's an elevator from the garage on up and two dishwashers in the kitchen strike us as a plus. Tell us what you think- despite the fact that it's $10M, is this the house of your dreams or not?- because we're on the edge between "move in now" and "over dead body."

As for "why there aren't more houses for sale in Presidio Heights?" To start with, it's not that big a neighborhood and it's clearly delineated, unlike Noe Valley which expands into The Mission every two years. Plus the houses are on larger lots, making for less inventory of any kind. Nobody seems to be in a rush to sell, indicating they have other assets, and our impression is that houses come on the market after the occupants have moved onto other, more (perhaps) celestial real estate. In the past six months a total of fourteen houses have closed in Presidio Heights. Which seems pretty healthy.
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