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CitiApartments Still Causing Problems For Tenants

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[A cartoon dramatization of CitiApartments. Aerial SF via Flickr/ATIS547]

The SF Examiner brings news that tenants of horrible, awful CitiApartments are facing utility shutoffs. Tenants who used to deal with harassment and intimidation are now faced with utility shutoffs, because neither the landlord nor the banks that now own their properties have been paying the bills. The Lembi family owned 300 properties, but now 200 have been foreclosed on. 80 of the remaining properties are now in receivership. "It's a stressful situation that your power could be cut off at any time for reasons beyond your control, but also, I work from home, so if they cut off my power it could impact my income," tenant Aaron Casillas said. Casillas and other tenants in his building approached PG&E when Casillas received a letter from the power company threatening power shutoff. PG&E agreed to not shut off power while reserving to the right to do so later. "It's really screwed up," said Tommy Avicolli Mecca of the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco. "And when they shut off power, it's a safety problem-- the lights don't work and the elevators don't work, and they don't have a stove or refrigerator."
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