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Russian Hill: Glassy Penthouse Tries to Annul its Marriage

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What's up here? After a predictable bidding war (the asking price of $1,999,000 was so low one had to wonder if the goods were damaged) and closing at $2,650,000 at the end of October, 2010 after about two weeks on the market, this 3-bed, 2.75-bath, 2-fireplace, 2-car garaged and hot-tubbed penthouse is back again, asking $2,695,000. Possibly a combination of divorce and ultra-violet rays? Maybe the three stories of stairs got to them. Or, since they bought it late last fall, maybe Spring Equinox and fourteen hours of blazing sunlight just proved too much. Whatever. We still love you, Glassy Penthouse.
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2739 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA