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Horrible Monster Hacks Down Golden Gate Park Saplings

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On Monday, the Recreation and Park Department discovered that someone had cut six saplings in Golden Gate Park that were planted just over a year ago. A seventh, more mature tree was found cut down at the Rhododendron Dell on Wednesday. Two benches were also chopped in half. Recreation and Park Department spokesman Elton Pon said that the incidents are the first to occur this year, but are part of a pattern going back to last May. As you may recall, forty-four trees were vandalized in July, 32 rose plants were cut in August and three holes at the golf course were destroyed (photo: right) in late September and early October, which cost the city some major molala. The Police Department has already significantly increased the patrols in the park. "We're taking this extremely seriously and even seasoned police offers are confounded by what type of person would do this to these trees and the city's crowned jewel," Pon said. Anyone with information should call the Richmond police station at (415) 666-8042 or the anonymous tip line at (415) 668-7387.
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[photo via SF Rec and Park Blog]