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Noe Valley: Just How Do You Feel About the Smell of Chlorine?

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You never know what's behind one of those Victorian facades. Renovation-wise you also never know when what you've wrought will turn into the next avocado or harvest gold, and for now, that's currently where the Post-Modernism of the last century is. And here we've got the very 1980's reincarnation of 3842 22nd Street, a 3-bed, 2.5-bath, 2-car, 1-wine cellar, 1-meditation loft house belonging to furniture designer Norman Petersen. Asking $1,799,000, which strikes us as not unreasonable, considering how impeccably detailed it is. Check out the galley- below that madcap rear facade is a lovely garden with a vine-covered pergola. But wait, there's a lap pool in the family room. We just can't stand the smell of chlorine with our artisanal, small-batch roasted coffee. Tell us, would you mind a swimming pool in your living room? Vote below!
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