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Boxes, Delayed

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AT&T California President Ken McNeely said he was "disappointed that advanced technology deployed to the city is once again delayed. Failing to point out that the copper wire technology they continue to use was developed in 1877. The Supes voted 10 to 1 to delay a decision on SF Beautiful's appeal of the exemption from environmental review, as AT&T tries to solve the "last mile" issues of providing HDTV and other broadband-dependent services in a town where- you guessed it- 1877 was considered a very good year. And while everyone seems to be fixated on the 726 short chunky boxes, there's an untold number more- possibly as many as 900 boxes- already on the street that will be upgraded with new exteriors up to 65 inches tall. Sidewalks everywhere heave a sigh of relief. [SF Appeal and previously at Curbed SF]