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Dog Owners Rejoice: Board of Supes Oppose GGNRA Dog Plan

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[photo via Sally Kuchar]

Yesterday the Board of Supervisors went on record opposing the federal proposal to restrict parts of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area where dogs can go without a leash.

Earlier this year, the GGNRA proposed to "completely or significantly reduce" the off-leash areas in national parks like Fort Funston and Crissy Fields. The GGNRA wanted to "strike a balance between park landscape, native wildlife and the 16 million visitors." As you already know, San Franciscans love their dogs. It was no surprise when canine groups took the GGNRA's threat very seriously, going so far as to call it "extreme environmentalism," and even considered suing the federal government if the proposal passed.
In early April, Supervisor Scott Weiner introduced a resolution that, if approved (which it was yesterday), would put the Board of Supervisors on record opposing the proposed dog policies. At a committee hearing later that month, more than 100 people showed up to voice their opinion on the impact dogs have on wildlife and the impact the ban would have on dogs and city parks. What concerned the Supes: dogs need to go somewhere to play, which would mean overcrowding at city parks.

It should also be noted that there's an estimated 110,000 households in San Francisco with a canine occupant, so it's no surprised that mayoral aspirants John Avalos and David Chiu, and sheriff hopeful Ross Mirkarimi voted to oppose the federal proposal. The board voted 10-1 in favor of a resolution stating opposition to the National Service's plan.

Sean Elsbernd was the lone supervisor to vote against the resolution, because he's concerned about San Francisco's partnership with the park service, particularly in the planning of the America's Cup.

With all that said, the feds can do what they want. The board doesn't have jurisdiction over the park service. However, Wiener said that since the resolution was introduced, the federal agency has been more willing to discuss options with city officials, including the mayor's office and Recreation and Park Department.

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