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Very High Monthly HOA Dues For Mid-Market One Bedroom

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In July of last year, unit #201 at 938 Market was foreclosed on. Now it's bank-owned and back on the market. It first appeared in the listings in February, when it was asking $205,276. Shoot forward a few months and it's taken quite a few chops. Today it took its latest, and now its asking price is $164,700, making it one of San Francisco's least expensive pieces of residential property. Before you bust out your checkbook and try to cash in on what some think will be San Francisco's next gentrified "neighborhood," know that this 1-bed, 1-bath, 769-square-foot condo is a below market rate unit. You have to be a first time homebuyer and the maximum income for one person is $69,600. But hey! If you qualify you get Twitter and Burning Man as your neighbors, so we think that'll make for an interesting block party. Monthly HOA dues are a headache-inducing $574, and there's no parking.
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