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Tehama Grasshopper Price Takes Another Hack

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Was: $4,128,000
Then: $3,995,000
Now: $3,695,000
You Save: $433,000 The award-winning Tehama Grasshopper, designed by Fougeron Architecture, has been on and off the market for almost two years. The home, Unit 2 at 431 Tehama, just took another price chop. This time of $300,000, bringing down the asking price to $3,695,000. The Grasshopper name comes the third-floor penthouse addition, which is "like a grasshopper settled lightly on the building surface." The home's been featured in an abundance of glossies, and once graced the cover of the now defunct Metropolitan Home. It's roughly 5,000 square feet, and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Speaking of bathrooms, the top floor toilet is sandwiched between two sheets of glass, so anyone who's enjoying the rooftop could be in for a show. 2-car parking is included in the sale.
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