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Now's Your Chance to Publicly Discuss the A-Cup People Plan

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This week, the city will host a meeting in the Ferry Building to meet with neighbors about the "people plan," the city's plan for handling the crowds for the America's Cup race. As Curbed already told you, the project's been divided into four areas: transit options will be robust; bicycles to take advantage of the flat Embarcadero and North Waterfront; feet-you'll need them for the "Natural Pedestrian Corridors;" and cars will probably be frowned upon unless you're a nearby resident. The plan offers up a good read (PDF warning), and you're sort of doing yourself and your city a disservice by not reading it. As always, you can submit your thoughts via, or go to the meeting this Thursday at 10a.m. on the second floor of the Ferry Building.
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· Photo Credit: Sail World