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Weekend Open House Report: Outdoor Entertaining Edition

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This week's selection of open houses for your weekend browsing pleasure all feature a fantastic backyard that's perfect for outdoor entertaining. Do invite us over to your summer BBQ.

Location: 36 Laidley, Glen Park
Size: 4-bed, 4.5-bath; 3,422-square-feet
Price: $2,650,000
Pitch: "Great room and kitchen open to sheltered walkout garden with built-in BBQ, Epi wood banquette and architectural fire pit."
Our Take: Yes, the weather's been nice lately, but San Francisco is not normally a warm city. We appreciate that this outdoor entertaining area is semi-sheltered and has a fire pit in case we need to warm up a bit. Also, those retaining walls would be great for growing your own veggies and herbs.
Open House: Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 4pm

Location: 137 Beulah, Ashbury Heights
Size: 3-bed, 2-bath; 2,067-square-feet
Price: $1,480,000
Pitch: "Extra deep lot with beautifully landscaped garden."
Our Take: Tea parties, political fundraisers, keggers? we can see it all happening here. And it's no coincidence that the wine cellar is a few feet away from the patio. The decks with access to the garden make this a great place to throw an outdoor soiree.
Open House: Sunday, 1 to 3pm

Location: 210 San Marcos, Forest Hill
Size: 3-bed, 2-bath; 1,915-square-feet
Price: $1,350,000
Pitch: "Spectacular walk-out landscaped backyard with brick patio, walking path, pond and waterfall!"
Our Take: There are so many nooks and crannies in this backyard, it's the perfect location for your next game of hide-and-seek. We're thinking the lush foliage also provides a beautiful background to that family photo shoot you keep talking about.
Open House: Sunday, 2 to 4pm