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Upper Haight Features World's Coolest Garage Door

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A Curbed SF reader sent us the above video of a magical garage door in the Upper Haight. McMills Construction was working on an investment property on Oak Street, and they were scratching their heads over how to build a garage to enhance the tenant's use of the building. As we all know, it's nearly impossible to consistently score a decent parking spot in the Upper Haight. The problem, you see, is that the city planning department had recently started enforcing its mandate to limit changes to the character of historic building's front facades-- especially when it came to converting bay windows into garage doors. Corey McMills, who's got a background in mechanical engineering, thought of an idea to covert the walls of the bay window into door panels that would fold into the garage space to allow cars to enter. The planning department accepted it. McMills Construction teamed up with Beausoleil Architects to help with the details. The result is brilliant.
· Architectural Magic [Beausoleil Architects]