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Four Bedroom Eureka Valley Stunner Only Has One Bathroom

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177 Liberty was built in 1908, and her exterior looks the part. The inside, however, has been updated to our reflect modern needs. Needs like walls without ornate decoration, and weird overhead lighting. While we're digging the kitchen layout, it should be noted that the buyer of this home will have to be comfortable with having the bulk of their cabinetry covered in semi-transparent glass. Time to color coordinate your dinnerware! Even though this is a four bedroom single-family home in a highly sought-after location, we are scratching our heads over the fact that there's only one bathroom. Time to convert a bedroom into something with plumbing! Which is so easy to do in this city. We also highly recommend that the lucky buyer invest in a fleet of bicycles and/or Clipper Cards, as there's no parking included with the sale. There is, however, two-car rental parking next door for $400 a month. 177 Liberty is on the market for $1,299,000.
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