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NIMBY-watch: A Potential SRO in the Lower Haight

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The true test for closet NIMBYs: would you let a SRO (Single Room Occupancy) Hotel open in your neighborhood? We talk lots about nosy neighbors having a say on your addition or a restaurant's patio, but in the Lower Haight, neighbors want a say in whether a building owner can turn his Victorian flats into a SRO.

David Nale, who owns a building a block and half off Haight on Fillmore, has already been renting rooms to individuals, but he doesn't have the ability to get each person their own lease. Neighbors have asked the city to review his application for permits to turn the building into an SRO, based on claims that they have seen current residents littering and that there would be noise and light pollution issues from the code-mandated open-space roof deck. Remember, that just a few weeks ago and blocks away, neighbors petitioned to allow an outdoor space at Ragazza, a restaurant on Divisadero. So what makes this different? SRO versus hip pizza joint, that's what.
What do you think, dear readers? Are all NIMBYs created equal? Should these Lower Haight neighbors be lumped into the same batch who ask for hearings on everything? Or are they concerned neighbors trying to protect their community?
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