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Russian Hill: How Do You Feel About Floral Carpeting?

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Here's a throwback to the turn of the 20th century- an Italianate house, probably built in the 1880s, which was moved (as per the listing) from Broadway & Larkin Streets to Van Ness Avenue in 1904. Back in the day, house-moving was common in San Francisco, and relatively easy when there were no overhead power lines and men and horses were cheap. This 4-bedroom, 2.25-bathroom survivor hit the market last week with an asking price of $2,298,000. For better (or worse) it still has some of the Victorian and circa-1904 decor. What the listing claims is a "grand reception mezzanine" looks like an Escher print with extreme floral carpeting. Other than that, some really grand spaces with beautiful moldings and fireplaces and even more floral carpeting. Comfy? No. Not without a few more glasses of sherry. At least the exterior hasn't been tarted up to look like a 1960's painted lady. It's on a block of otherwise Edwardian-style houses that, sadly, ends in a post-war stucco motel immediately next door, a poignant reminder of the days when residential Van Ness and nearby Lombard Street filled up with inexpensive auto-friendly lodging.
· 2826 Van Ness Avenue [Redfin]