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A TIC That We Can Get Behind

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Sometimes we ask ourselves, "What exactly would it take for us to buy a TIC?" One scenario is that it would be lower-priced (as TICs generally are) and in a two-unit building, so you could convert to condo quickly and get a normal mortgage. That in mind, check out this 3-bed, 2-bath flat in the Mission. Outside there's a quaint backyard with a lovely deck, but you may not care when you're only four blocks from Dolores Park. It's got nicely redone kitchens and bathrooms that you may not hate in five years, and bedrooms with enough space to actual want to be in them, a true rarity. Parking and storage go along with the unit, and it's ready for laundry day as soon as you buy the washer and dryer. Get out your trust fund for the 20% down payment on $679,000, for a whopping 1,400 shiny hardwoody square feet. What do you think, dear readers? Does this flat's TICiness turn you off completely or do you think it might be a good buy in hipsterdom?
· 375 Capp [Redfin]