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The Richmond: Mural Police Sniff Out & Cite "Pop-up" Billboard

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It's not Banksy or Shephard Fairey by any means, but about as legal. And far less interesting. A mural doubling as a Lexus advertisement on the side of a commercial building at 8th & Clement was cited by the Planning Department as an illegal, unpermitted mural. One that was apparently intended to last as long as it took for someone to 1. complain and 2. get it cited. Richmond Sf Blog has the story. No mention of fines, but the Planning Department citation calls for the building owner to apply for a permit to remove the sign. Must have been the same people who turned in the vintage Bernal Heights Coke sign. Who knew anyone in Bernal ever went to Clement Street? It's so far. On the flip side, we may see more of these quickies as building owners try to increase their ROI one step ahead of neighborhood watchdogs.
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