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"Legs" is Voted San Francisco's Least Favorite

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The votes are in! 1,275 votes later; you, dear readers, have selected "Legs," the filthy sooty rope sculpture in the Embarcadero station as your least favorite piece of public art in SF. "Legs" took 37.2% of the votes, with the Vaillancourt Fountain coming in second with 32.1%. "Cupid's Span" came in 3rd, The United Nations Plaza Fountain came in 4th, and "Transcendence," aka "The Banker's Heart" at 555 California finished last. Golf claps all around.

To the artist's credit, she has lobbied to get"Legs" cleaned back to its original lustrous orange, but that only happened once, in the eighties. "The remains of the world's largest macrame owl" lurk in the station in wait for unsuspecting transit users and likely horrified first-time visitors to the city. Congratulations Legs! You're creeped everyone out and won our highest honor!
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