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The Mission: Ballerinas and Fruit Trees Butt Heads Over Parking

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In a reinvention of the term NIMBY, we now have NIMPL, the acronym for Not In My Parking Lot. Or anywhere close. We've been looking at- and looking forward to- the Folsom/17th Street Park project for a while now, and this morning Socketsite alerted us that "someone" had filed an appeal to the Preliminary Mitigated Negative Declaration which would have allowed the project to move forward. That "someone" is Sean Dowdall, a board member and past president of ODC Dance Center half a block away from the park site and a resident of Pacific Heights. Along with stating that San Francisco is so impoverished that it can't take care of the parks it already has and without identifying his affiliation, Mr. Dowdall fires every cannon except LGBT rights in his appeal:

Elimination of more than half of the parking spaces alone, not to even consider the cumulative reduction of parking in the area due to other projects, will be detrimental to health care, arts, community outreach, businesses and employment in a low and moderate income neighborhood. As the Certificate of Determination states, people will initially circle for parking-and then ultimately give up without getting access to health care, arts and / or forcing businesses to reduce staff or close.There's the unspoken issue of ODC patrons feeling unsafe in the neighborhood. May we recommend the 22 Fillmore? The ODC has an impressive dance, rehearsal and pilates facility and apparently, they depend on having parking nearby to support their hundreds of annual classes and dance events. In fairness, ODC is a contributing organization and the lot is paid parking, not free. It's also a neighborhood bereft of parks and full of parking lots. Currently surplus property of the Public Utilities Commission and leased by UCSF, the site will be sold- presumably to a developer- if the city decides not to buy it.
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