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House With a Pool Quickly Takes a Couple Chops

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Was: $1,400,000
Then: $1,299,000
Now: $1,199,000
You Save: $201,000 Readers, you called it. 2518 Great Hwy in the Outer Sunset- the 3-bed, 2-bath, turquoise house- didn't get the $1,400,000 it wanted. In fact, it didn't get the $1,299,000 either. 26 days after the original listing and it's already taken $201,000 off its price. But it's got a heated pool! And a view of the ocean! Commenters said that $1.4M was obviously too high a price for what's known as a middle-class neighborhood. But every neighborhood has its pockets of unfamiliarity. It is a big house and it does have a roof deck and landscaped backyard with a pool. What'll it take, readers? If they paint the exterior beige and take another $100,000 off, will it finally find a buyer? Will it leave the millionaire's club? Let us know in the comments!
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