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Gus Murad & The Mission: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

With sincerest apologies to The Clash, it seems to be Gus Murad's new theme song. According to Sara Duxbury at the San Francisco Business Times, the listing for his "landmark" food/drink and possibly-sleep mini-empire hit the market yesterday, asking $7,250,000 after having "tested the waters" and being withdrawn earlier this year. Murad recently unloaded the Giant Value building down the street and will presumably retain the New Mission Theater site next door- for at least the next few minutes. It's been a torturous route over the years, with SRO issues at Elements and noise issues from his rooftop Sky Lounge, and recently, tepid reviews for the lounge (too expensive, cash only) and restaurant Medjool.

Is it possible his neighbors don't like him, or are they just enemies of fun? Both? As a developer, Murad ran into problems with height restrictions on his plans to replace the Giant Value with condos (NIMBYs!) and City College, the previous owner of the site and mortgage holder threatened to foreclose last year but gave him an extension. Now that Giant Value's been sold off perhaps he'll open a new food/entertainment multiplex in the theater while someone else deals with Medjool. Or maybe not. If nothing else, another cautionary tale of development in The Mission- and the deep pockets required to play in this particular sandbox.
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