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The People Plan: Getting Serious About Those 200K Visitors

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Americas Cup Viewing Areas (click on the image to open in a new window)
[Credit: Americas Cup]

What to do with 200,000 people in one weekend? Aside from stocking up on toilet paper, it's important to figure out how you're going to move them around, and the city's doing just that with the People Plan, released yesterday amidst much fanfare at Justin Herman Plaza. And as expected, the plan is ambitious, starting with the press release headline:

Draft Plan Seeks Further Public & Stakeholder Input, Aims to Create Most Transit, Bicycle and Pedestrian-Friendly Major International Sporting Event in HistoryThe plan's not especially radical and focuses on the next two years. In the short-term, the project's been divided into four areas:
? Transit options will be "robust"
? Bicycles to take advantage of the flat Embarcadero and North Waterfront
? Feet- you'll need them for the "Natural Pedestrian Corridors"
? Cars? Not bloody likely. Probably not north of Market or south of Fort Point Of course, there's the long-term, some of which is in the pipeline: the Jefferson Street project to re-invent FIsherman's Wharf, the expansion of the F to the Marina (now under Federal review, EIR's in the mail) and the Laguna-to-Lyon Streets improvements to Marina Green, the Masonic Street corridor into the Presidio.

(click on the image to open in a new window)
[Credit: Americas Cup]

Presumably the GGNRA and the Presidio Trusts have their own fish to fry. Will the Presidio finally get its hotel? Will the Golden Gate Bridge close to cars for the final race? No mention of Treasure Island as a viewing area.

The Plan recognizes some serious issues, the most pressing, of course, is getting everything ready in time. There will probably be auto permitting for residents and vendors near the viewing areas so they can get around street closures. There will be permitting for spectator boats. It mentions the potentially unwelcome tour buses. We imagine there will be a discreet overlay of VIP transit- it's a sponsored event, after all- and there must have been something about handicapped access but we missed it. Seriously, we suggest you read it. It's your civic duty. There's no doubt the next two years will be transformative, and the city's accepting input via And of course, you're welcome to comment below.
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