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Pacific Heights: Trouble at the Top of the Food Chain?

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Was: $6,800,000
Then: $5,850,000
Someone Saved: $950,000

2000 Washington Street is one of a handful of classic San Francisco co-operatives designed by Conrad Muessdorffer in the 1920s. They tend to be grand, and in the in the case of 2000 Washington, very grand: only seven full-floor units, and so large the distance between the elevator to the living room is half a block. On Monday, #5, aka the fifth floor, closed escrow for $5,850,000, having been listed for $6,800,000 in late November, 2010. Still, a pretty hefty gain on an apartment valued for tax purposes at about $320,000. Last year's tax bill for the 5,224-square-foot, 3-bed, 3,5-bath plus library, various maid's rooms and parking was $3,680. A tax bill that's about to go somewhere north of $67,000. Monthly maintenance is currently $4,156. Meanwhile, one floor up #6 has been languishing on the market at $12,500,000 since early October, 2010.

Above, check out the interiors of #5, looking untouched since before Nixon. Which is a good thing, in our eyes- no cleaning up anyone's recent decorating faux pas. You get to make your own. And while there are no floor plans online for either #5 or #6, check out the floor plan for #4. It's been elaborately built-out but the layout's basically the same and it was on the market a while back for $7,500,000.
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