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Duboce Triangle Charmer is Rather Charming

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"Well, the red dining room is certainly fine, but I'd rather dine outside on our covered porch that overlooks the garden and fountain." These are the type of decisions you get to make if you purchase 173 Noe Street, folks. It's a 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,400-square foot condo that has us seriously swooning. And all for the pocket change price tag of $788,000. The unit's got two fireplaces, one of which is decorative, the other burns wood. The building was built in 1904, and this particular unit still maintains some of its original charm. However, it has been updated to reflect today's needs: stainless steel appliances and laundry machines. Monthly HOA dues are $250 and you don't get parking.
· 173 Noe [Redfin]