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Midtown Terrace: Pretty in Aqua

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OK, maybe it's closer to Seafoam, but we're loving this crisply-renovated 3-bed, 2-bath house in Midtown Terrace, just off Portola Boulevard. Built in 1958 and asking $899,000, the owners paid $740,000 in February, 2008. They've done a swell job- wood floors on the upper level, polished cement with radiant heat on the lower. A skylit kitchen unburdened by too many overhead cabinets, bathrooms redone with Heath tile, and a simply-landscaped back yard to round things out. No gimmicks and simple details. And while short people might wonder about the laundry room, tall people will shout "brilliant!" Click on the gallery above. We're thinking they're looking to get somewhere over asking price when escrow closes, and they probably will- how much do you think this will pull in?
· 10 Sunview Drive [Redfin]