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Jerry Brown Concerned Over Cash Spent on Sports Stadiums

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Mad at Jerry Brown for trying to abolish redevelopment agencies? Blame the Raiders stadium! "Oakland and Alameda County are spending $25 million a year, over a 20-year period, to repay a bond on a stadium that the owners now say may not be usable. That troubles me," Brown told the SF Chronicle during a visit to San Francisco. Redevelopment cash wasn't actually used to pay for the 1990s Coliseum makeover, its $197 million construction bond was backed by the city's and county's general fund. But that's a rarity. The 49ers' proposed stadium in Santa Clara would depend on redevelopment money to be built. Brown suggests that the teams use stadiums that are already built- like in Berkeley and Stanford. "Private enterprises should be able to survive on its own, as witnessed at Pac Bell (AT&T) Park," Brown said.
· Jerry Brown troubled by Oakland stadium debacle [SF Gate]