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Oak Street Condo Haunts Our Very Best Dreams

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We wandered into this open house over the weekend and wanted to stay forever. This 3-bed, 1-bath top floor condo on Oak Street is positively stunning. Really, we're trying to find flaws with it, so here goes: Oak Street is pretty busy (but the windows are new, so you can't hear it), and the third bedroom is kind of a joke unless you are under the age of ten, so it's probably best as study. And that's really it. Them's the flaws, folks, go ahead and challenge us with others. To gush over the good: high ceilings, not one but two stained glass skylights, full formal dining room with built-ins, private back deck and shared back yard. Fairly reasonable HOA dues are $248 per month. We really felt this flat was well-laid out and very livable. It's nestled between the Lower Haight and Hayes Valley, both of which we're quite partial to because of their many parks and easy transportation access. We would be surprised if this stayed on the market very long, $625,000 and $444 per square foot seems like a great price, but maybe we are still too giddy from the open house. What do you think, dear readers? Have dismal s**tshacks lowered our expectations too much? Or are you as enamored as we are?
· 737 Oak Street [Redfin]