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Monterey Heights: A Mid-Century Scenario Ready For Poodle Skirts

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It's not every day we get to peer into an un-renovated mid-century modern house in San Francisco. Asking $1,695,000, 70 San Jacinto Way is a 3-bed, 3-bath ranch from 1952 in Monterey Heights, a neighborhood on the west slope of Mt. Davidson but east of St. Francis Wood, and high up enough to have views of the Pacific from the living/dining room and the huge terrace. Inside, the main rooms are all about redwood-beamed ceilings and wood panelling plus a lot of vintage brick. We suspect the now-carpeted floors may once have been cork. The kitchen looks original- the bathrooms certainly are, and gloriously so, crying out for some flamingo wallpaper. Bedrooms are predictable, but the bars on the windows have to go. That green wet bar in the family room, however, stays.

We'd never heard of the architect, Ward Thomas, and a quick web search reveals only one reference, the drawing for a sweet little house he designed in 1946, somewhere in St. Francis Wood. The listing is silent on what appears to be a studio building behind the garage, and what those stairs go down to. Check out the gallery, above, and maybe we'll find out more this weekend- the house is open Sunday, March 6 from 2pm to 4pm.
· 70 San Jacinto Way [Redfin]
· Ward Thomas/Ahearn House [St. Francis Wood Virtual Collection/UC Berkeley]