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Regulating Fillmore Street

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Riddle us this, dear readers. How do you attract more foot traffic to an otherwise bleak half-mile stretch of Fillmore Street between Bush to McAllister streets? Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi thinks he has the answer, and the city's Planning Commission unanimously approves. Mirkarimi wants to require that ground-level storefronts have "active uses," like boutique retail shops or restaurants, instead of offices that don't generate much traffic and often close at 5p.m., the Chronicle reports. But some people don't necessarily agree with Mirkarimi's logic. "Right now there's no waiting list for boutiques and restaurants there," said "Cyril DeFazio, general manager of the Fillmore Center. "We just don't want to restrict." The ordinance will now be considered by the Board of Supervisors.
· Storefront ordinance passes Planning Commission, staff clarify details [SF Gate]