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Remodelus Interruptus

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Was: $509,898
Then: $489,900
Now: $465,405 Check out this foreclosure we found over in Oakland. Technically on the Rockridge border, we learn the lesson that being in a swanky neighborhood does not swanky inside make. Our favorite picture from the listing has got to be the unfinished kitchen tile job. We wonder why they couldn't have taken the picture fifteen minutes later when presumably, the tile work would have been finished. Additionally, your eyes do not deceive you: there are two kitchens; one is for a basement in-law apartment for you cousin Eddie. All of this leads us to scratch out heads at the number of bedrooms, but the listing says 2-beds, 1-bath, so we'll leave it at that. We think the $465,405 price tag is high (and rather specific), considering we usually only see those kind of s**tshack shenanigans over in the Outer Sunset. You'll need to refinish the floors, since it's clearly not been done since 1914 when the house was built. On the plus side: it's a whole house for less than $500k.
· 385 51st St. [Redfin]