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Pacific Heights One Bedroom Embraces a Warm Weather Lifestyle

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Since we may or may not be on track to experience some pretty epic weather over the next couple days, we thought we'd bring your attention to unit #4 at 2010 Broderick. Why? Well, look at that deck. For a moment, try to forget that it's often cold and foggy here. Instead, think about how wonderful it'd be to grill tomorrow's dinner on that deck. Quite a nice thought, isn't it? Moving on? it's a 1-bed, 1-bath condo for $749,000. The last time it sold was in early 2006 for $747,000. Ouch. Although no square footage is listed, the listing states that an "interior designer used to maximize space," so there's that. There's monthly HOA dues of $163, and 1-car parking has a leased parking fee of $195. However, the first six months are free.
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