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"Just Like Grandma Used to Decorate" in Noe Valley

222 29th Street in Noe Valley was originally built in 1884. It's a 4-bed, 2-bath, 2,129-square foot home with a price tag of $1,100,0000. While we're totally digging the wood paneling in the formal living room, we think it might be a wee bit out of place in sleek and baby friendly Noe Valley. It's more "our kids have graduated college and have their own families now" than "just shove the Bugaboo over there in the corner." Other property weirdness includes an incredibly awkward kitchen and a Japanese soaking tub. With all that said, the property is quite charming, and we'd be doing it a disservice if we didn't mention its picture perfect backyard. Switch out the furnishings and decor and we think this home is a real win.
· 222 29th Street [Redfin]