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Cow Hollow: All We Come Up With is "Ouch"

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When we last eyeballed 3025 Scott Street this past January, it had reappeared on the market for $1,900,000 after having been purchased for $2,750,000 in October, 2006. It's a potentially charming house in dire need of rethinking- and while the house had an ardent defender or two in the comments- it still seemed expensive. On March 15 it closed for $1,800,000. Pile a little more on that $950,000 with four years of taxes, a brokers fee of 5% (or more) and transfer tax of $75,000 and it's well over a million dollars out, plus unknown engineering and architectural surveys that might have taken place. The sellers live directly next door at 2500 Filbert, which they had purchased a year earlier for $4,500,000, so maybe they just had expansionist visions. Or wanted room for a pool. Property Shark indicates it's owned by an LLC, so we'll just hope for the best and assume it's all a write-off.
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