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Trending: Mission Hipster Cred Goes to the Outer Sunset

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As if to affirm the Outer Sunset's increasing trendiness, this odd but sweet little 3-bed/1-bath/2-car garage just hit the market, asking $689,000. It's on a small, square lot, so expanding might tricky, but right now there's a two-car garage that almost as big as the house and perfect for your collection of Vespas. And of course, the house is green, with solar panels on the roof. Plus the kitchen counters are RIchlite, made from cellulose and resin and the solid-surface du jour. That patch of lawn is perfect for chickens, and we're loving that the listing pictures are foggy and drizzly just like the neighborhood, but hey, it's only a block from the Pacific Ocean.
· 1509 47th Avenue [Redfin]
· Richlite [Richlite]