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If You Charge Them, They Will Come

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[Alamo Square, 9:04PM via Octoferret]

Do you live in fancy pants Alamo Square? Are you annoyed by the congestion caused by idling tour buses? The Alamo Square Neighborhood Association may have a solution. The group wants the SFMTA to charge tour buses to park at dedicated stops, instead of double-parking wherever they can, which creates "traffic nightmares," the SF Examiner reports. The idea was brought to the city's attention last week during a meeting with the Neighborhood Parks Council. The ASNA suggested that the proceeds go to maintaining Alamo Square, since budget cuts continue to threaten park maintenance. Mayor Lee said the association should write up a proposal so that the SFMTA can study it.
· San Francisco Alamo Square neighbors look to charge tour buses [SF Examiner]