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The Mission: Gus Murad Sheds Giant Value Site

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Photo Credit: "Giant Value" by Quepol via Zooomr

There was moment earlier in the decade when the rotation of the earth ground to a halt on news that Gus Murad was disposing of his Mission hospitality empire. That was in January, and one of those, "just kidding, folks" moments. Except that it wasn't entirely. Today the San Francisco Business Times tells us that while Murad keeps the Elements and Medjool and the New Mission Theater, the Giant Value is going to Oyster Development, which is planning to move forward with condos and retail. Which is what Murad wanted to do in the first place, and presumably revenue for the sale will move his plans to revive the New Mission as an entertainment complex forward. The price was in the four-millionish range but no clue as to the height limit- there was a bit of fuss over twenty feet and a typo a while back.
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New Mission Theater

2554 Mission Street, san francisco, ca