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Saving the Tenderloin One Tomato at a Time

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Renderings via David Baker + Partners Architects Via Streetsblog SF comes news of partial funding for the Eddy + Taylor Family Housing in the Tenderloin along with- drumroll, please- a grocery store. The 153-unit building by David Baker + Partners Architects would provide not just needed housing but a retail street-scape and hopefully, decent tomatoes:

We will transform this part of the Tenderloin,” said Donald Falk, Executive Director of the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC), which is developing the planned Eddy and Taylor Family Housing building. ”This is not just smart growth in the conventional sense. Four-hundred people will have a place to call home, with zero parking, because we’re two blocks from Market Street and Muni.”Affordable housing is one thing, but bringing affordable food within walking is critical to a neighborhood's success. Plus it replaces a parking lot, so it's a total win. The $10,000,000 commitment comes from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission as part of its plans to develop transit-oriented housing- the search is on for additional funding and the project may break ground as early as 2014. Which in planning years is tomorrow. From the renderporn, above, it looks like the classic Baker solution, breaking down monoliths with massing and color. The firm was recently honored by the AIA for its work in Oakland.
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