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Fixer-Upper on Clipper Needs Tender Loving Cleaning

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A house in Noe Valley for under $800,000? While you pick up your jaw off the floor, let us tell you the bad news: it's a fixer upper. While it doesn't look like it's in serious need of a contractor and new everything, we do take issue with the lack of cleaning. How does anyone expect to sell a house with pictures of brown stains around the toilet? Okay, we get it, it's a fixer and you don't want to stage, but please, spare us. Here's the good news: it's got good bones, looks sweet from the outside, and is close to a playground, which important for the kiddies and your sanity. So get a haz mat team in here and you've got a 3-bed, 3-bath house in Noe Valley for $799,950. What do you think, dear readers? What would your first renovation be after the cleaning service leaves?
· 520 Clipper St [Redfin]