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Dogpatch: Time to Start Blue-Skying the Mirant Site

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Mirant Power Plant from Pier 70 Photo Credit: Philip Ferrato

Ding-Dong the witch is dead. Or something like that. The Mirant power plant just south and adjacent to Pier 70 finally shut down at the end of February. Kudos to Sophie Maxwell and others for its demise. From the Examiner late last year:

...but it was truly a chance for outgoing Supervisor Sophie Maxwell to shine. She pointed out that she has been working on getting rid of the polluting plant since coming into office in 2002, and now the smokestack would be leaving with her. Also on hand was City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who sued Mirant over working conditions at the plant. Noticeably absent was former Board President Aaron Peskin, who had pushed to replace the plant with a city-owned power plant. Noticeably present was Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, who had fought Peskin every step of the way.Good times at City Hall! We can see another decade-long battle shaping up as various stakeholders start to shape the site's future- the residents of Dogpatch, housing advocates, kayakers, plus Ports. The site is still owned by GenOn so we're sure they'll have something to say, maybe not just yet. But the folks at Ports have been looking over the fence for a while, wondering how development at the Mirant site will fit in with their plans for the huge Pier 70 project. GenOn is forbidden from operating a power plant there in the future and they've given a million dollars towards community planning efforts. There's a meeting of the Power Plant Task Force at 5:30pm tomorrow, Thursday March 24, at Recology, 900 7th Street (mapped, above) to get community input on how to spend the money extracted from GenOn, although we're assuming most of that will get thrown at planners and consultants for now.
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