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Newly Constructed Manse Getting Hacked to Pieces

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Was: $2,590,000
Then: $2,460,000
Now: $2,229,000
You Save: $361,0000

The first time we told you about 1636 Diamond in Noe Valley was back in September of last year. To recap: it's a fancy pants newly constructed contemporary mega house. It's got four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, and it's 3,952 square feet. While we were going back and forth about the abundance of bells and whistles, the commenters were debating the location, citing that as the reason this house would have a hard time finding a buyer. Regardless of the reasoning, this home really wants a buyer. First listed at $2,590,000, it's now $361,000 less at $2,229,000. Think that'll do it?
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1636 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA