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Residents at the Beacon Raise Concerns About Lucky Strike Lanes

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Back in September we told you Lucky Strike Lanes was rumored to be opening in the shuttered Borders space in South Beach by April of this year. Giants Opening Day, to be exact. Shoot forward to present day, and the space still hasn't undergone any changes. Live SoMa reports that concerned residents of the Beacon have slowed down the process. Lucky Strike Lanes CEO Steven Foster met with residents of the Beacon, who brought up several concerns. So, what's the problem? Live SoMa got their hands on a "list of concerns" prepared by a resident: The sidewalk around the King Street front and the 3rd Street side will become a patio with 66 seats open until 2am, 7 days a week; the main revenue source is alcohol sales, not bowling; the "trust me" views from management, noncommittal to resident views; and poor reviews from other locations.

[image via Live SoMa]

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