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Nobody's Buying "Spa-Like" in Noe

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Was: $2,795,000
Then: $2,675,000
Then: $2,575,000
Now: $2,475,000
You Save: $320,000

As much outdoor space as there is in this Noe Valley home, no amount of lawn is getting buyers to cough up their own green for 519 Valley. As one spineless nameless commenter noted last time around, "The Flintstones-era furnishings go perfectly with the airport hotel interior. Choosing the popular baby poo green for exterior color is some kind of brave." Ouch! We think there's a lot to admire about this 4-bed, 3.5-bath house, but it's been on the market since October, so we wonder what it will take to get a bite. Will the "modern" features look so out of date by the time this place sells? Chime in, dear readers. Have you taken a look and found it to be just "meh"? Or are you busy pinching pennies for a giant down payment?
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519 VAlley Street, San Francisco, California