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Sit-Lie Ordinance Being Enforced

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The SF Examiner reports that police started enforcing the sit-lie ordinance last week, but has yet to issue a citation. Park Police Station Capt. Denis O'Leary, whose district includes the Haight, said he advised his officers "to go easy in the beginning and just admonish people." Police will first hand out printed cards as a written warning before issuing a citation. The cards will include the city's 311 information line, which provides contacts for services like substance abuse treatment and shelters. Repeat offenders will be fined from $50 to $500, and may receive community service or jail time. "The whole goal is compliance," said Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield. But some Haight Street merchants aren't sure that enforcing the law will change anything. "Even if you cite them and arrest them? to these guy it's nothing, it's part of the routine," said James Preston, owner of Positively Haight Street.
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