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Supervisor Eric Mar LOVES Hearing About Your Motorized Scooter Concerns

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The war's still raging between Segway riders and groups who are concerned about their impact on Golden Gate Park. As you may recall, the Segways, which are provided by Electric Tour Co., can ride on pedestrian-only footpaths in the park. Supervisor Eric Mar held a hearing yesterday regarding the safety of the scooters after neighbors in his district complained that the Segways can travel where bikes cannot. "My hope is that we'll identify some of the key pathways they're concerned with," said Mar. "I'm not sure I'm willing to go toward a full ban on all pathways ? but I am concerned with some of them." During the meeting, Electric Tour Co. employees told supervisors several reasons why they believe the rides are safe and belong in the park. Riders must complete a 30- to 45-minute class in preparation, and the Segways operate at about 4 mph on average.
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