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North of Lake: Violate the Volstead Act

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Although we'd call it Venetian Revival, this pink-and-white stucco house by San Francisco architect Edward T. Foulkes was built right at the edge of The Presidio in 1913. Too swank to be The Richmond and not far west enough to be Sea Cliff, the neighborhood known as "Lake" or "North of Lake" is just that- north of Lake Avenue- which most likely derives its name from Mountain Lake Park. Along with views out into the woods, it's got 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and still retains the gloriously gloomy look of the period. Also included is what the realtor describes as the "original speakeasy" presumably installed in the basement a few years later to honor the 1919 Volstead Act and the previously-inalienable right to booze it up, now a glamorous and well-equipped media room. Best of all, you no longer need a password to get in- just $4,250,000. More curious is that hot tub for twelve. The listing calls it a lap pool, here thoughtfully accessorized with a bottle of bubbly to set the mood for your swim team's workout.
· 2 Eighteenth Avenue [Redfin]
· Edward T. Foulkes Environmental Design Archives [UC Berkeley]
· The Volstead Act [National Archives]