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Dolores Street Mediterranean Includes Protective Potty Lion

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This 3-bed, 2-bath house on Dolores is new to the market and we just can't stop poring over the pictures. There's so much to take in here. We're fans of the pastel bathroom tiles, of course. Not to mention the venerable bathroom lion who will accompany any evacuation. These are not features you can get just anywhere. The current owners enjoy sitting in lawn chairs looking out the French doors, where there is a a lush backyard with a hot tub. Other features of note: a front porch off the bedroom which faces Dolores, a living room with exposed beam ceilings and a gas fireplace, and a pretty awesome location in between the Mission, Castro and Duboce Triangle. For $1,575,000 all 2,280 square feet can be yours. What do you think, dear readers? Will our beloved lion-toilet sell near asking? Or will he have to take a chop like the regular toilets?
· 126 Dolores [Redfin]