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Noe Valley: Another Dreaded Discretionary Review

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Photo credit: SF Planning Department

Via Noe Valley SF we hear that despite the seventeen immediate neighbors who support it, staff at the Planning Commission has thrown a discretionary review at Jeanne Craig-Teerlink and John Teerlink's plans to expand their house at 422 Day Street upwards one story. Even though their plans never went over the forty foot height limit, the couple further reduced the previously-planned roof-top access (to service their new solar array) but now the planners at Planning are really objecting to the third story altogether- it's going to stick up in the middle of a row of four other two-story houses- and their idea of compromise is to set back the new third story by fifteen feet. While the front of the house generally passes muster, the planners don't like the bulk and height at the rear and want it reduced. An admirable goal, but basically, the Craig-Teerlinks will lose their not-yet-built master bedroom and what looks like a really nice master bath. The architect is Mark Macy, and the hearing date is this Thursday, March 3.

Maybe the other four owners should show up and announce plans to add a story to their houses in the near future. Below, floor plans showing studio space on the ground floor and expanded living spaces on the second, with all the bedrooms moving up to the third. Much more detail at Planning's .PDF of the project- including all the neighbor's letters. If nothing else, these people are thorough. Plus no one's demanding it become a Noe Valley Victorian.

Click on the plan to enlarge in another window:

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